Data Visualization

Turning raw data into interactive visuals to allow users to identify new insights.

3-D Data Models

Building three-dimensional models to report on multiple data sources in a single report.

Database Tools
Building and maintaining databases to ensure data integrity and best-in-class process management.

Automating data ETL processes through integration and custom coding solutions.

What does EDM do?

Custom Dashboard Development
Automating Manual Data Processes
Database Design and Development
Detailed Data model Design and Improvement
Supply Chain, Financial, and Medical Data Management
Process Improvement and Consulting
Consultation, Education, and Open Discussions

Working with businesses and individuals to understand their data processes...

Consulting with and educating them to continuously improve!

Familiar Industries and Experience

Supply Chain
The last 15 years of my life have been spent working in Supply Chain Management.  Starting in the dirtiest warehouses, I learned the operations, and progressed to be able to do the job that I love!  Now I get to interact with end-users, and create custom solutions to make their lives easier.
With over 4 years working for a Medical Supply Company, and 4+ years with a large Healthcare Organization, I've had the opportunity to dig into all types of Healthcare data.  Healthcare data can be some of the most complex, and I love the challenge!
E-commerce and Analytics
I spent 3 years operating a large e-commerce website.  While working with a local distributor, I was able to offer 15,000 unique items.  Along the way I learned a LOT about website analytics/tracking, PPC and PPM marketing, and SEO.  There are many great tools out there, but there is always a need for something custom.
Financial Data Consulting
While I'm far from a CPA, I'm very comfortable working with financial data.  Most companies utilize some kind of bookkeeping or ERP system  Those systems typically don't include robust reporting tools, and require a team of talented developers on hand to customize reports.  I'll help turn your ugly spreadsheets into insightful reports that will help you make better business decisions.
Data Process Automation
I encounter co-workers, clients, and friends that spend so much of their workday repeating manual tasks to retrieve, format, and wrangle the data that they have available, no matter the industry.  Eliminating even one daily task is rewarding!  I would love to help you free up your time to be able to focus on driving real value.  If there is one sure-fire way to move up the ladder, it's by getting twice as much work done in the same amount of time.
Database Management
The first step to improving your process is to gather your data in one central location.  Whether you have data coming from 2 or 30 sources, it all needs to end up in the same place...  If you collect data from clients, co-workers, or website visitors, you could be spending half of your work day organizing it.  Data Integrity is always key!  Before you can begin automating, you need to ensure that the data is stored exactly as it was submitted!

Whether you're looking for someone to develop something, or just someone to discuss ideas with, please feel free to contact me!  I welcome the opportunity!

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