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Power Pivot Olympic Dashboard

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3 Game-Changing Things Power Pivot in Excel Can Do

If you’ve never experimented with Power Pivot in Excel, and you work with data with hundreds or thousands of rows, you’re probably sick of V-Lookups, index/match, and other frequently used Excel formulae. Even though Power Pivot may have a steeper learning curve, getting acquainted with it will save you countless hours in the long-run. This ….  Read More

Date Dimension Data Model

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How to Create a DAX Date Dimension Table in PowerBI or Excel

I’ve been so spoiled throughout my years of building dashboards and data models in PowerBI and Excel…  I didn’t realize it until recently, as I started taking on freelancing projects outside of work.  I began the process of developing a PowerBI dashboard for an awesome new client, after touting my skills and experience to win ….  Read More